Project ECSJ

The Center for Ethics in Science and Journalism has launched in the summer of 2022 the exploratory phase for the establishment of the European Council for Science Journalism, which will provide opportunities for education (and continuing education) on how to cover science-related issues, and especially controversies, in a responsible way.

In addition to education activities – aimed at science journalists but also at journalists from other beats – the Council will work on creating opportunities for networking and discussing science and media-related issues all over Europe.

It will also promote and take part in research on science journalism and science communication and raise public awareness both on the fundamental role of science journalism in advanced democracies, and on the need of appropriately funded explanatory and investigative projects designed and led by skilled science journalists.

For these goals, the European Council for Science Journalism will also focus on fundraising, in Europe and beyond, in favor of initiatives that benefit professional science journalists all over the continent.

The steering committee of the project is currently composed by Fabio Turone (chair, Italy), Alexandra Borissova (Russia/Italy), Mico Tatalovic (Croatia/UK), Daniela Ovadia (Italy) and Michele Catanzaro (Italy/Spain).

For contacts, please write to .