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Turone with the President of MIT, Rafael Reif, at the graduation ceremony, in 2017

He is partner and director of the Agency Zoe of scientific and medical information based in Milan – working for several media, mostly on medicine and health, but also on science policy, the Internet and electronic publishing.

Since 2017 he is the Italian correspondent of *Research Professional News/*Research Europe, covering Research Policy, Higher Education and Research and Innovation. Since 2019 he contributed to Nature, Nature Middle East and Nature Italy.

In 2021 he published the book “Scienza senza maiuscola” (“Science without capital initial”), coauthored with Daniela Ovadia (Codice Edizioni).

He was the chair of the European Conference of Science Journalism ECSJ2020, which took place in Trieste on 1-2 September 2020 in conjunction with the Euro Science Open Forum ESOF2020.

In 2016-17 he was Research Fellow of the Knight Science Journalism Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston.

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Daniela Ovadia

Daniela Ovadia is an italian science journalist, neuroscientist and neuroethicist. She studied medicine and neuroscience (Università Statale, Milan, Italy) and neuroethics (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, US).

She is the Co-director of the Neuroscience and Society Lab at University of Pavia and the Scientific Director of Agenzia Zoe (agency of science journalism and writing).

She is professor of “Ethics of research and Responsible research and Innovation” for doctoral students, “Neuroethics” and “Communication of neuroscience” (undergraduate students in Psychology) at University of Pavia (Italy).

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